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Have you heard of the Zapier Chrome Extension? Have you ever used it to create a custom app? If not, I’m going to show you what it is, and how you can use it to build powerful custom apps with ease.

Chrome extensions are an awesome way to add new capabilities to your browser without leaving the webpage you're viewing. No need to open a new tab, no new website to go to; with Chrome extensions you can get more done right where you are.
❗Need to perform actions on another app without leaving browser?
❗Need quick information from another app?
❗Want to trigger a workflow from the browser?
❗Need a utility app or a browser app that simplifies things so that you're not always going through the same processes to get things done. Have you heard of the Zapier Chrome Extension? I’m going to show you how it can be used to build powerful custom apps with ease.

How to Build a Custom app using Zapier Chrome Extension?

Pre Requisite

Create an Account on Zapier and Create a Zap

How to build the Zapier Chrome Extension

1. Click on Create Zap

notion image

2. Select Zapier Chrome extension as the Trigger

notion image

3. Select New Push as the Trigger Event

notion image

4. Have any information to pass to your destination app? Add them as input fields

By default The New Push event provides you the following data to use in your action.
  • URL of the browser page
  • Title of the browser page
  • Timestamp of the trigger
    • notion image

5. Zapier will create a dummy entry for you to test with

notion image

6. Choose the app you want to connect to through the extension

notion image

7. Select the action you want to execute through the extension

notion image

8. Authorise Zapier to connect to the app

notion image

9. Configure the input values to your destination app

notion image

10. You can use the input fields and default fields from the Chrome extension too

notion image

11. Thats all! Activate the Zap and start using the extension.

notion image

What extension will you build?

I hope this guide has helped you to become more aware of the different ways we can use the Zapier Chrome Extension to create powerful custom apps with ease.
Here’s how I use it;
📌  Bookmarking : I come across many articles, tutorials, sites that I want to bookmark. I use Zapier Chrome Extension to tag and add these to my Notion databases.
📌  Project Management : For quick Task Creation in Trello while I’m on a Google Meet. Works brilliantly for managing client requests.
📌  CRM : Pulling client information from Airtable while on Gmail
If you have a business idea that you believe involves integrating two or more tools—don’t hesitate to go for it. Give it a try, you’ll be impressed by what you can accomplish in just minutes.
⭐  So what extension will you be building?
Ruchika Abbi

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Ruchika Abbi