What does NoCode have in common with Ikea? | Ruchika Abbi

Prior to NoCode, if you wanted to build a software product, you needed to hire a team of engineers or learn to code yourself. With NoCode, you can build software products in a fraction of the cost and time.

What does NoCode have in common with Ikea? | Ruchika Abbi
Hi, folks! Today let's discuss the most frequently asked question I get as a No Code developer every day: What is NoCode?
People often assume NoCode is a one trick pony. can only achieve some things and eliminates all or any development possibilities. But, the truth is far from it.
NoCode is what I like to call "Ikea" for software. If you have ever bought Ikea furniture, you will get my analogy. It is when you don't have to cut the wood into the desired shape or form or cast the metal to build the furniture you choose. But, it would be best if you still were handy in putting together the pieces of the coffee table or the chair or a storage unit from Ikea.
Ikea Chair Assembly
Ikea Chair Assembly
What else do you think when you think of Ikea?

💰 Affordability

Ikea is affordable quality furniture! Similarly, with NoCode, you don't have to spend a million dollars building a good quality tech product. A made from the scratch kind of tech product is almost like you want to create your own computer processor when you know there are companies like Intel or AMD that have ready-made ones which are super powerful! It will cost you almost thrice the money if you were to develop a product, and you can't even be sure of the outcomes or the various problems you might face while building it or after launching it. It is unwarranted if you are looking for a tech solution for an immediate solution that needs to be adapted as soon as possible.


Secondly, NoCode/LowCode is just faster! Imagine building a piece of furniture all by yourself - like from scratch. That is not just a lot of money but also a massive amount of time and strenuous effort. Why would you want to cut the wood, treat it, trim it, carve it, construct it, assemble it, when you are only doing that to add a coffee table to your office's seating lounge, which is about healthcare or clothing or even cloud computing! You are not in the furniture business; you are not selling coffee tables. Now, imagine you bought Ikea; how long does it take for you to assemble? Maybe an hour or two max. It is similar with NoCode/LowCode. So, when you have a company, tech should make your business function sufficiently and with ease; it should not become a burden - that's why NoCode is convenient and quicker.

🛠️  Accessibility

Finally, Ikea pieces of furniture come with clear instructions and the necessary tools. It makes NoCode accessible. Of course, you should have some handiness to assemble and fix it. Having a NoCode/LowCode Platform to build an application can feel similar. On the right NoCode/LowCode platform, creating an application or a tech product can feel like assembling Ikea furniture! Accessibility to tech solutions is far easier while using NoCode tools.
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So, if the following are the three things you are considering while building a product or application:
  • 💰 Affordability
  •   Immediacy
  • 🛠️  Accessibility
Then, without a doubt, NoCode/LowCode is for you!
NoCode makes tech products and applications affordable, quicker, and more accessible. Anyone can make their tech-dream a reality by building software without knowing how to code. If coding has stopped you from being a tech geek, it doesn't have to be that way anymore! NoCode makes technology accessible to everyone!

NoCode Platforms to get you started

Multiple cloud platforms offer free or starter plans making them very affordable to explore.
$20 a month of Airtable can get you a database and a CRM that you can customise to your needs.
$32 a month of Glide will get you an eCommerce app with payment capabilities.
$20 a month of Zapier will handle your workflow and logic requirements and give you backend capabilities with no code involved.
🚀  And all this with just a few hours required to setup!
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Ruchika Abbi